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In this posting I wish to react to Mr. Gatera's assertion that RPF has
failed to implement its objective of building Democratic Institutions.
(Charles Muligande)

(...) The same goes for BACAR. Clients of BACAR have been robbed of
the money they deposited in that Bank. Should the rights of those
clients be forfeited because the owner of the Bank may have political
ambitions as he claims. There is nothing wrong to prosecute a case
you know. Yes, Mr. Gahima served on the Board of BACAR in the past.
The fact that Mr. Gahima served on the board of BACAR should play in
favor of that Bank instead. But, if the government of Rwanda trusts
the integrity of Gahima in this affair and feels comfortable that he will
not try to destroy the evidence in the case against BACAR because of
his former links with it, why should you be the one to bother.(...)
From "Le FPR et la Démocratie. Réponse du Secrétaire Général"
Novembre 2001